Is it Okay to Remove Trees From My Property?

By Debra McCoy / March 10, 2021

Is it Okay to Remove Trees From My PropertyIs it okay to remove trees from my property? This is probably one of the questions you have in mind when there’s an old or hazardous tree that you’re thinking of cutting down. However, it’s a valid question to ask if you can cut a tree even if it’s on your own property.

Some people think that this is automatically fine since it’s your property anyway. But we all have to realize that trees are part of the environment and some of them are protected by the law. Also, the government requires permits especially when the tree cutting process may affect the safety of your property or your neighbor’s property.

It is okay to remove trees from your property, however, it is best that you work with a licensed tree contractor. This way, they can check whether tree cutting permits have to be secured and they can help you out with that too. They are also fully equipped and knowledgeable in tree removal. As qualified tree contractors, they can carry out all kinds of tree removal jobs with safety in mind.

Call a Professional to Prevent Tree Removal Accidents

We’ve seen way too many tree cutting jobs gone wrong. That’s why it’s important to get help from a qualified company that can help you remove the trees on your property. They are the ones knowledgeable in tree care and maintenance so you can expect them to do the job properly. Some of the failed tree removal attempts we’ve seen have resulted in injuries and major damage to properties including homes getting destroyed.

So once again, make sure that you’re working with a licensed contractor. Yes, it is okay to remove a tree from your property, however, you should be sure you’re working with a company that can help you do so safely.

Tree Trimming for Beginners

By Debra McCoy / May 3, 2020

tree trimmingTree trimming is the process of removing some tree branches and limbs from a tree. This is usually done when a tree is overgrown or if it is already starting to become a hazard. Some trees take many years to grow while others grow a little more quickly. So the frequency of when you should trim a tree depends on the kind of tree you have in your property. 

It usually only requires a physical inspection for you to know whether it is already time to trim branches and limbs. Pay a little attention to the trees on your property and when they seem like they need a trim, then call for assistance from a tree care and maintenance expert.

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Tree Care and Maintenance

By Debra McCoy / December 2, 2019

Tree CareWhen you have a garden, lawn or backyard where there’s at least one tree, you must know at least the basics about tree care and maintenance. Trees are created to be strong and mighty. They can survive and withstand even tough and rough weather conditions. Many tree species don’t even need a lot of care at all. However, when there are trees on your property, it becomes your responsibility to make sure that it remains strong and healthy.

An unhealthy tree may become weak and cause serious problems over time. For instance, we’ve seen tree branches or entire trees fall over houses, cars, streets, gardens, etc. This could result in expensive damage to property. It gets worse when the tree caused injury to people. At times, these situations may even result in major lawsuits too!

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How to Cut Tree Limbs

By Debra McCoy / August 13, 2019

tree limbWhen it comes to gardening and planting it is important to consider all aspects before taking up any task. For instance, if you plan to cut tree limb you need to consider the health of the tree, right time, equipment that you may need, and of course the purpose. So, let us get started and learn how to cut the tree limb.

1. Inspect the Tree: You should know the branches or the limb that is must to be removed. If it is a tall tree use binoculars to inspect each branch for damage.

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Tree Removal Cost

By Debra McCoy / June 5, 2019

Tree Removal CostTruth be told, so many property owners know the importance of calling a licensed tree service contractor when they need to cut down a tree on their property. However, many risk doing it on their own because of tree removal cost. Here’s the reality: tree removal is very dangerous. Inexperienced tree cutting may cause injuries and more expensive damage to property. If you need to remove a tree, call an expert instead.

So what affects tree removal cost? Is it really that expensive? The fees associated with tree removal differ greatly from city to city, state to state. The overall condition of the tree that you have to remove also affects the cost. Here are some considerations:

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Reliable Tree Service Contractor

By Debra McCoy / April 29, 2019

Tree Service ContractorDo you already have a go-to tree service contractor? If not, it’s time you find the trusted experts that services your area. When you have one or more trees on your property or if you believe that there are some outdoor jobs you might need in the future, a reliable tree service contractor is the one who could help you out. Finding one the last minute will make you choose some random company off the directory. It is best to find one in advance so you can be sure you’ll be working with experts.

Some homeowners opt to DIY tree maintenance around their property. Of course, calling pros to come in will cost a little extra. However, some tree services can be very risky, even dangerous. Without proper knowledge and equipment, you can end up with injuries or damages to your property.

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Benefits of Granite Kitchen Countertops

By Debra McCoy / February 25, 2019

Granite Kitchen CountertopsIf you’re building a new home or remodeling your kitchen, you must be considering granite kitchen countertops. They’re very popular among homeowners today because if their incomparable beauty and durability. However, granite is not exactly the cheapest choice. But many have proven that they’re certainly worth every penny.

So what are the benefits of getting granite kitchen countertops? What are its advantages? Why do a lot of people choose granite over other equally beautiful materials like ceramic, quartz, marble, and others? Here are some of the advantages of granite kitchen countertops.

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Tree Removal Contractor

By Debra McCoy / December 17, 2018

Tree RemovalWhen you have trees on your backyard that needs to get cut, you must call on professionals. There are some people who would rather do this on their own. Tree contractors would charge you a reasonable amount for the service. Don’t regret paying for the service and opt to DIY just so you can save a little extra. Truth is, you can end up spending more when you don’t hire licensed contractors for tree removal.

While we are told even as children that trees need to be saved and should not be cut down, there are still some scenarios that call for tree removal. Among them are the following:

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When is Tree Removal Needed?

By Debra McCoy / October 28, 2018

Tree RemovalWe are responsible as humans to take care of the environment. One of the best ways to show our care is by preserving trees. As much as possible, we try to avoid cutting them down. However, there are times when tree removal is necessary. For instance, you can’t simply leave a decaying or dead tree on your yard. In the event that you need to remove a tree from your property, make sure you seek the assistance of a tree contractor.

Tree companies are knowledgeable and equipped with all tree maintenance and care services. These services include tree removal. It’s not simply cutting down a tree on its trunk. You have to be sure that the right set of equipment are used safety precautions are put into practice. In most cases, law requires licensed contractors to work on more complicated and risky tree jobs like tree removal.

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Stump Removal for Beginners

By Debra McCoy / July 3, 2018

Stump RemovalStumps left behind by trees that were cut down can be quite an unattractive sight in an otherwise clean and beautiful garden. While there are some property owners who choose to leave these stumps be, others recognize the importance of stump removal.

These stumps block the way when you clean around your property or as you mow your lawn, they may cause accidents and may even be infested by pests. If you haven’t handled anything like this in the past, then you must know more about stump removal first. Continue reading

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