10 Energy Efficient Home Improvements

By Debra McCoy / December 27, 2016

There is nothing as important as improving your home. And among the issues is energy related home improvements. Its so important to develop your home to be energy efficient not forgetting the benefits that comes along with it. For instance, you will save on energy bills and maybe direct your money to other projects that could help generate income. Furthermore, as you embark on making your home to be energy efficient, you might find yourself offering services to others or offering consulting services to other homes on the same. This article not only describes the importance and benefits of energy efficient home improvements but also enlighten you on some of the best energy efficient home improvements you can choose.

The first thing that is normally recommended is to make sure that you have insulated your home perfectly. This kind of improvement will save you the extra cash you spend on electric bills when you are using gadgets for heating and cooling your house. Insulating your doors and windows using seals will trap heat inside your home hence reducing the usage of energy.

Secondly, it always pays off to repair or just upgrade your home appliances such as the heating and cooling systems. These systems use up a lot of energy and sometimes it’s not because they are designed that way but they are faulty, and inefficient. Therefore take your time and do yourself a favor, shop for those gadgets that use up less energy in your home.

The other important factor that most of you ignore is water, saving your water will reduce your energy consumption. Take good care of your house, for instance the broke walls, the gutter which is normally crucial when it comes to water as it is the first line of defense when it rains, snows, etc. how does this happen, if you run on a water meter, by reducing your home environment impacts such as carbon dioxide emission, you are saving on your bills by ensuring that your water pumps, heater, and water treatment systems are working efficiently.

Always use the boiler to heat your water in your homes. This way you save on energy costs. How? If you use the immersion heater more electricity is used. Therefore you should improve your home water heating system. Go for those immersions that heat water at night that uses the cheap off peak electricity.

Improve your hot water cylinder by insulating them to save on the energy.
Solar panels have been identified as a cheap energy alternative to electricity that is normally much expensive. If you can improve or upgrade your home to a solar system, you can enjoy cheaper costs on heating your home, your water, cooking, etc.

In any household, the lighting system accounts for about 20% of the energy consumption. Using the right bulbs, or better known as energy saving bulbs will cut your energy consumption. The two types of bulbs to purchase are the CFLs and the LEDs. The former is more cost effective than the LEDs but LEDs are equally better. Plus, its good to control how you use your lighting.

Another efficient and cost effective way of cutting down on your electric consumption is through the use of smart meters. They help track how you use your energy by allowing you to see when you used the most energy, and provide real time and accurate readings, and consequently they will scrap off the need for meter readings.

Also there is the option of paying your bills. Check with your energy provider if they have a better way of paying bills, in other words, do they offer discounts, for instance is it post pay or prepay?

Last but not least, always check for the energy ratings when buying your home appliances. This way, you will avoid those appliances that use more energy leading to more bills.

It’s also worth noting that apart from the 10 Energy Efficient Home Improvements described above, there are other ways one can improve their home to obtain an energy efficient environment.

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