Budget-Friendly Garden Cleaning Tips

By Debra McCoy / June 19, 2018

Gardening TipsThese days, nothing ever goes cheap. Every little thing you need to do around the household requires money. When you’re on a tight budget, it is pretty much understandable if you have to prioritize some over others. For instance, you will most likely make sure your home’s interiors are better well-kept and maintained compared to the outdoors. After all, your family is mostly inside the house.

However, budget constraints should not stop you from having a beautiful garden. If you have a landscaped home exterior, then from the beginning, you must have known that it requires work. It’s not just about watering the plants or cleaning leaves shed off by trees in your property, it’s also about keeping things in order and plants in perfect shape.

Now maintenance may cost you a bit especially if you need to pay a professional landscaper or gardener to get things done. Again, understandable when you’re very busy with work and life in general. But you must realize that your home’s exterior is still your responsibility. It affects the overall look and feel of your home. No matter how pretty the interiors of your home is, it just wouldn’t be perfect if the exteriors are not well kept. Remember – your guests and other passers by would only see your home’s exterior at first. This is what makes first impressions are made from.

So if your tight budget is the only reason why you’re putting exterior maintenance on hold, here are some budget-friendly garden cleaning tips you can keep in mind:

1. Make Gardening Part of Your Daily Schedule

If you always make your work schedule an excuse, then you really won’t have time for anything outside of work. Once you’ve straightened out your schedule, make time for gardening. If you have an average-sized backyard, then 30 minutes of your day would surely be enough for daily maintenance. If you clean the garden every day, then you won’t have to do any general cleaning that would require hours over several days.

2. Reconsider the Plants You Already Have in Your Home

If you’re one who wouldn’t want to spend money and time on garden maintenance, then you must reconsider the plants you already have. Perhaps the tree in your home is shedding too much for most of the year or the flower bed need very regular trimming, then it might be time to change the kinds of plants you have in your home. There are many plants that require very little maintenance and won’t shed as much. Daily watering should be enough.

3. Hire Help Only When You Need One

A common mistake of property owners is that they always hire gardeners to get jobs done even if the task is very simple like pruning plants or cutting grass. These things don’t really require expertise. Of course, extra knowledge can be useful. A quick search on Google would already take you to tons of information on how to prune plants and more. If you think gardening is a bit tedious, why not schedule it once a week to replace your workout schedule? After all, you will be sweating it out as much when you’re working in the garden.

4. Let Experts Do What They Have to Do

There are also tasks that require expertise and the proper tools and equipment. For instance, if tree trimming or removal is required, better get a tree contractor to do it for you. Trying to DIY will not only be a risk to your safety, but it might even incur extra expenses you could have saved in the first placed if you just called on an expert. We’ve seen homeowners have their roof or car damaged just because a branch they trimmed off fell down on the wrong place, and that’s just one scenario. If something can be done right the first time, then you won’t have to spend any more than you’re supposed to. That’s real savings for you.

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