Cleaning Your Windows

By Debra McCoy / January 31, 2017

Few things can spruce up a home the same way that newly washed windows can. There are many ways to wash windows, and all of them are successful. The most common method is to just use a well-known window cleaning solution as well as paper towels; however, this usually leaves streaks. It is also not an affordable way to wash windows.  There are better and affordable ways to get your windows clean.

DIY Cleaning Solution

The most ideal approach to clean  windows is to make a DIY window washing formula. The best formula incorporates both ammonia and vinegar: to break up tough grime and to make the window glass streak free, respectively. Homemade window washing solution apparatus include warm water, ammonia, rubbing alcohol, dish detergent, and vinegar. Take 1.90 liters of warm water, half cup of ammonia, around 475 ml of subbing alcohol, 60 ml of vinegar, and 15 ml of any dish detergent you have. Mix together all of these ingredients and apply this solution to the windows. Wipe off until the windows are completely dry. You can also put your DIY cleaning solution in a spray bottle for easy application, however, using a bucket is recommended for best cleaning.

Clean the Screens

The dirty windows screen can also intensify the dirty appearance of the windows, even if the window glass is clean. So, you need to take some more time to clean window screens also. Remove the window, clean the screens, again, with a homemade cleaning solution, and spray them down. Instead of using microfiber cloth, you should use a sponge for best result. Let them dry. Here is a good resource about finding cleaning chemicals.

If you do not want to use a homemade washing solution or if you don’t have time, then use the common method of washing windows  and use a store bought cleaning solution instead. If microfiber cloth is not available, you can use an old cotton T-shirt (Rinse the cloth periodically to avoid streaking issues) to clean windows. Never wash windows in direct sunlight (prefer a cloudy day). Before starting the process,  use a broom to wipe off any dead bugs, loose debris, and cobwebs from the windows. Always start with the outer window, from top to bottom position. Whether you make your own DIY windows washing solution or buy it from any retail store, window washing takes a great amount of time and effort, however, you don’t have to do it often.

Nothing can make your home come back to life like beautiful, clean windows.

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