How to Cut Tree Limbs

By Debra McCoy / August 13, 2019

tree limbWhen it comes to gardening and planting it is important to consider all aspects before taking up any task. For instance, if you plan to cut tree limb you need to consider the health of the tree, right time, equipment that you may need, and of course the purpose. So, let us get started and learn how to cut the tree limb.

1. Inspect the Tree: You should know the branches or the limb that is must to be removed. If it is a tall tree use binoculars to inspect each branch for damage.

2. Make a Plan: Now since you know the limb that should be removed make a plan as to how you will do it. Have a list of equipment ready so when you start cutting the limb you are not short of the tools. For tall trees, you may have to decide as to how you will climb up and remove the limb. A plan should also be in place for clearing the limbs from the ground to prevent anyone from tripping.

3. Start Right: The best way to begin is by cutting a notch into the branch. Each limb may require at least three cuts to be able to remove properly. Remove the first half of the branch first to be able to remove the remainder easily.

4. Avoid Cutting the Branch Collar: Branch collar is the place where the healing takes place. Any wound on the tree will be recovered by the branch collar.

If you are good at maintaining the landscape, you may go ahead and do it by yourself. If not, it is advisable to contact a professional and seek help.

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