Getting Organized with House Cleaning

By Debra McCoy / December 27, 2016

A house cleaning checklist is basically a kind of chore list that incorporates all those things that must be done to clean the house. Many folks make checklists as a reminder of what should be done; different cleaning tasks, then can be checked off after the completion. A checklist might likewise used to split up cleaning tasks among family members, so that everyone takes care of their duties. It is especially helpful with your children, as it gives them a sense of responsibility and work ethic which many children do not have.

One of the first priorities in house cleaning is your carpets. We always feel that if your carpet is not clean, then nothing else matters. So in addition to the vacuuming that should be on your list, we also strongly encourage professional carpet cleaning at least twice each year as it really takes the dirt and germs out of your carpet, and really provides much needed sterilization. We stayed in Daytona Beach last year and used a company that cleaned our carpets in our rental home, and the carpets were dry in less than two hours. It was really very convenient.

Keep in mind that Spring cleaning does not have to be done in the spring, and can be done anytime of year. Many families only thing about a major cleaning during the spring, but really anytime is good for a good and thorough cleaning. Many people do not realize also that if you do not maintain a clean and healthy home, that many unhealthy things can develop in your home. Some of these include dirt, allergens, mold, germs, and more.

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