Maintaining Healthy Lawns

Everybody wants a lawn that is healthy, green and beautiful. A lawn that you can stare at that can give you a sense of calm and serenity. A lawn that helps relaxes you especially after a long day at work. You want a lawn that can be your instant escape and not one that will only stress you out because of how messy it is.

What other people don’t know is that maintaining healthy lawns need not take so much of your time. You don’t have to slave yourself all that time just to keep your lawn looking its best. You just have to be wise in the use of your time when you take care of your lawn. Think quality not quantity. Here are a few tips to help you maintain a healthy lawn.

  • When cutting your grass, make sure you use a sharp blade. Dull blades only tears the grass instead of cleanly cutting it. When grass are damaged, they require more care to recover plus they are susceptible to disease. Sharpen your blades around 3-4 times a year to maintain a sharp cutting edge.
  • A handful of good soakings are more effective than several light sprinklings. Light sprinklings actually only touch the surface of the soil and it only wets the grass which actually promotes the growth of shallow roots which needs more frequent watering. However when you do deep waterings, the water sips through the soil and is more helpful in developing deep roots.
  • When putting fertilizer or weed killers, you have to get the right kind. There are several factors you must consider like soil condition, grass type, and weed type to name a few. When you know these variables, you will be able to get the correct type of weed killer or fertilizer that is most effective for your grass or weed type.

Maintaining a lawn is more beneficial than most people think. It not only adds beauty to your home but it also helps you and your family have a sense of tranquility and serenity. It also serves as a natural and giant air conditioner that is helpful in cooling your home. Plus, the enormous amount of oxygen it releases gives you a lot of fresh air to breathe.

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