Stump Removal for Beginners

By Debra McCoy / July 3, 2018

Stump RemovalStumps left behind by trees that were cut down can be quite an unattractive sight in an otherwise clean and beautiful garden. While there are some property owners who choose to leave these stumps be, others recognize the importance of stump removal.

These stumps block the way when you clean around your property or as you mow your lawn, they may cause accidents and may even be infested by pests. If you haven’t handled anything like this in the past, then you must know more about stump removal first.

Calling a Tree Contractor for Stump Removal

Ideally, when you’re dealing with a very large tree stump, then it is best to call a tree contractor to help you get the job done. Yes, you can probably do it on your own, but you should know in advance that the task won’t be easy. It takes time and a whole lot of effort. Truth is, some would also call tree contractors even if they’re dealing with smaller stumps.

Stump removal needs special equipment too aside from just a shovel and some pruning scissors. In many cases, a stump grinder is even more ideal to get rid of very large and hard stumps.

If budget seems to be an issue, most tree contractors would offer free estimates in advance. Be honest about how much you are willing to spend and you might actually get a good deal.

DIY Stump Removal

If you choose to do this yourself, here are the basic steps you need to follow:

1. Clear the ground that surrounds the stump so you can be ready for work.
2. Loosen the soil that surrounds the stump.
3. Dig through the soil to expose the roots of the tree.
4. Cut the roots using pruning scissors. For larger roots, you may need to use a hand saw.
5. When the stump is fully exposed and is getting very loose, you may already start pulling on it.

Some would use special chemicals or even a special kind of salt to soften down the stump. However, that would cost you a bit of money too. Instead of doing that, why not call the pros instead? You are probably going to spend as much anyway.

Once again, the steps above may seem very simple and easy. But once you’ve already tried working on it, you will realize how challenging the job can be. Furthermore, tree-related services are usually done by experts who have the proper tools and equipment. Save yourself the hassle and just call your local tree contractor.

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