Tree Removal Cost

By Debra McCoy / June 5, 2019

Tree Removal CostTruth be told, so many property owners know the importance of calling a licensed tree service contractor when they need to cut down a tree on their property. However, many risk doing it on their own because of tree removal cost. Here’s the reality: tree removal is very dangerous. Inexperienced tree cutting may cause injuries and more expensive damage to property. If you need to remove a tree, call an expert instead.

So what affects tree removal cost? Is it really that expensive? The fees associated with tree removal differ greatly from city to city, state to state. The overall condition of the tree that you have to remove also affects the cost. Here are some considerations:

  • Tree Condition – healthy, sick, hazardous, dead tree
  • Tree Location – the proximity of the tree from the structure of your home, the street, etc.
  • Tree Size – larger trees are more expensive to remove

In addition, cutting down a tree is not all there is. Especially if you’re dealing with an extra-large tree, then branches will be trimmed first, the trunk has to be removed separately, and after removing almost the entire tree, the stump still has to be removed. All these have price tags attached to them.

Worry no more because there are still plenty of fair and honest tree contractors out there. They can provide you with excellent workmanship and friendly customer service while keeping their prices reasonable. It’s also usually free to ask for tree removal estimates. Just call a local tree contractor servicing your area!

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