Tree Trimming for Beginners

By Debra McCoy / May 3, 2020

tree trimmingTree trimming is the process of removing some tree branches and limbs from a tree. This is usually done when a tree is overgrown or if it is already starting to become a hazard. Some trees take many years to grow while others grow a little more quickly. So the frequency of when you should trim a tree depends on the kind of tree you have in your property. 

It usually only requires a physical inspection for you to know whether it is already time to trim branches and limbs. Pay a little attention to the trees on your property and when they seem like they need a trim, then call for assistance from a tree care and maintenance expert.

Reasons for Tree Trimming

There are plenty of reasons for you to trim a tree and as mentioned above, the first and most important thing would be for safety purposes. If a tree is starting to become hazardous – it is at risk of falling, insects start to infest it, and so on then trimming it would be the next best move. 

Some fruit or flower bearing trees can also use regular trimming or pruning if you want to help promote growth or increase the produce. However, you must make sure that trimming is done properly to ensure that you are not going to suppress the growth of the tree. 

Tips to Remember When Trimming a Tree

Trim a tree in its dormant stage: Experts suggest that you should trim a tree when it is dormant so that its growth will not be suppressed. 

Use the proper tools and equipment: You need proper equipment too. And when you have the right equipment and tools, you must now how to handle them carefully as well. Check out the video below about pruning large trees.

Call a licensed tree contractor for help: Any kind of tree maintenance such as trimming or removal can be quite risky so it is always best to call a licensed tree contractor for assistance. 

Tree trimming is one of the most common tree maintenance jobs needed. It may be done every year or every few years depending on how fast the trees grows. 

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