Weed Control Methods for a Beautiful Yard

By Debra McCoy / December 27, 2016

Dense planting is always useful for lessening weed growth, but another strategy is often required. Organic weed killers are not generally comprised of unsafe chemicals. They are considered eco-friendly, as well as safe for home landscape use. If you use organic weed killers, then you don’t have to worry about endangering plants, pets, and people.  This gives a perfect alternative to using harsh chemical products.

Acidic Characteristics

While there are different sorts of natural weed killers, most of them have acidic characteristics.  Organic weed killers which are acidic in nature lower the pH levels of weeds to kill them. The acids disappear quickly, which means these types of weed killers are not dangerous to nearby plants. You can likewise purchase organic weed killers from retail shops as they are commercially available. For example: Spectracide is very powerful as a weed killer because of using deet in the formula.  We have found it to be much more effective than Roundup.   Spectracide is great and can be used to kill weeds in driveways, lawns, beds, and gardens.  These weed killers can be purchased at Home Depot.

Obviously one important consideration with weed killers is to keep your pets away. It is very common for cats and dogs and other pets to move around the yard and lick the grass. This can be very hazardous if they are licking toxic chemicals intended to kill weeds. Just make sure when you are treating your lawn or landscape, that your pets are indoors or they are tied up away from the area.

If you need some help with your landscape, here is some advice on finding a tree service company.


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